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Barolo is without a doubt the noblest creation of the nebbiolo grape, and in Marcarini’s “Brunate” selection it finds one of its highest quality expressions. For several generations, our family has owned a considerable part of the Brunate vineyards; Brunate has been recognized as one of the Langhe’s most important cru zones since the 1300s, and today is officially recognized as a Menzione Geografica Aggiuntiva. This precious denomination has been indicated on our bottles since 1958.

La Serra, or rather the other side of the Marcarini Barolo production, comes from a historic area of ancient origin whose soil, lacking organic substances but rich in mineral salts and microelements, is capable of giving wines good color, structure, and flavorful but never

In 2015, with the arrival of the new generation of the family, we set
ourselves a new goal: to be able to produce a Barolo that best
represents the characteristics of the soils of the Tortonian area.
Maintaining our traditionalist style, we decided to vinify together part
of the grapes from our historic vineyards all located in La Morra.
The result is a wine that makes elegance its strength and that reaches
the peak of its evolution in shorter periods, showing itself to be easier
to approach and more enjoyable even at a young age.

The splendid “Lasarin” is produced from the grapes of our
youngest nebbiolo-Barolo vineyards and, in particular, from the
nebbiolo vineyard in Neviglie. It unites the grape’s noble heritage
with enjoyable freshness and easy drinking.

We’ve devoted several of our sunniest vineyards to the cultivation of the barbera grape, an ancient native variety of southwest Piedmont. In this privileged position, this rustic, humble and vigorous vine offers forth its best fruits.

A truly unique Dolcetto d’Alba. Its grapes come from a century old vineyard that was saved from the phylloxera disease thanks to the partially sandy soil and particular microclimate. Thus we find here an emblematic and rare example of vines that are not

“Fontanazza” Dolcetto d’Alba is a creation of the Langhe hills, La Morra in particular. A delicious, easy-drinking wine, it is a product of the terroir and the distinctive regional microclimate. An “honest” red wine, the “Fontanazza” is made in the centuries-old traditional manner, without the intervention of new technology. It has always been considered the everyday drinking wine of native Langhe people.

Our wish to include the Roero Arneis, a dry white wine, in our product offering arose from our desire to contribute to, and uphold, Piedmont’s unique eno-gastronomic tradition.

Moscato d’Asti is an extraordinary dessert wine, sweet, aromatic and slightly sparkling. It is one of our land’s greatest prides, unique throughout the world. The vine is the ancient Moscato bianco del Piemonte (white Moscato of Piedmont), already known in Ancient Roman times and currently cultivated with love in our “Cascina Sargentin” vineyards, a zone highly adapted for growing this particular variety.

A splendid, unique digestive and dessert wine, the Barolo Chinato tra-
ces its origins to the heart of the Barolo region toward the end of the 1800s. It derives from an ancient recipe that has been carefully preserved by our ancestors: the infusion of China Calissaya bark and several aromatic alpine herbs with aged Barolo wine has long been considered a remedy for several diseases.