Piedmont’s classic white wine paired with three dishes
for a summer dinner under the stars


You love the red wines of Piedmont, those full-bodied, round reds—but when summer arrives and the temperatures climb above 90° in the shade, and the rains bring humidity instead of refreshing cool air, what do you turn to? We have the solution: Roero Arneis.

With deep local ties, Roero Arneis is a pleasant white wine, straw yellow in color with golden reflections. Its aroma is full and fragrant, with notes of fresh fruit, acacia flowers, and honey. On the palate, it’s dry, balanced, with good body and acidity.

Here are three recipes that pair perfectly with this white Piedmontese wine. They are just the thing for enjoying a dinner in the garden with friends after the sun goes down.


We’ll begin with a fresh and aromatic dish, easy to make: rotolini with zucchini and salmon. Slice the zucchini lengthwise and grill the slices, then spread each slice with fresh pesto alla Genovese before laying a strip of smoked salmon over each. Roll up and serve. 


For every passionate cook, summer’s greatest enemy is the oven, followed by anything else that emits heat. What better moment is there to enjoy a dish that doesn’t turn the oven on? Rice salad is a great option. Cook carnaroli rice and add fresh seasonal ingredients along with Prague ham, Asiago cheese, hardboiled eggs, canned tuna, olives, fresh cucumber, and hot dog, all drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and salt. A spoonful of mayonnaise is delicious mixed in.


We’ll conclude with a light “dessert” that doesn’t quite cross the line into the sweet category: crostini with caramelized onions and robiola cheese. You’ll fall in love with their simplicity and great flavor, and you won’t miss your sugary dessert one bit. Thinly slice several red onions and begin softening them in a pan with a bit of olive oil over low heat. Add vinegar (balsamic, apple cider, or wine) and a pinch of cane sugar. Cook until they’re creamy and soft, about 40 min. While they’re cooking, mix fresh robiola cheese with extra virgin olive oil and black pepper. Slice your favorite bread for the crostini, and spread the caramelized onions over top. Then, fill a pastry bag with the robiola mix and squeeze out 1-2 tablespoons of the mixture over each. Finish with a sprinkle of poppy seeds and enjoy!



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